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An unique publication about the Pritzker prize winning architect.


After 12 months of a very deep work, we present an exhaustive publication on the two built versions of the sublime house located in Quinta do Lago, designed by one of the Portuguese Pritzkers, Eduardo Souto de Moura.

It is the first time that more than 95% of the drawings are published. An extensive document of analysis and comparison between the house built in 1989 and the refurbishment and expansion of 2018.

Like the previous issues, this magazine is the result of a complex, detailed and exhaustive work, due to the great concern that everything has to be understood by the reader.

Large format, 30cm x 30cm. This volume has hundreds of technical drawings (always to scale, not with "scale to fit” or graphic scales), mostly details.


Includes large double-page details over half a meter in length, hand-made technical drawings (first built version of the house) as opposed to those of Autocad (built version of 2018), detailed photographs with graphic explanation given by the editor on the architect's methodology, drawings on a 1/1 scale (first time about a Pritzker prize winning architect), among many others characteristics.

216 pages

Architectural project at the level of detail. House Details 5 also includes selected drawings of the structures and exterior arrangements projects (Souto the Moura is also the co-author of this last one).

Architectural magazine with unique characteristics in the world.

House Details produces the most complete publications ever made worldwide about houses.


ISBN 9789895406852