Magazine 4 volume I - Paulo Mendes da Rocha | Inês Lobo

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Architectural rehabilitation of an entire building - single-family house (architecture refurbishment).

Large format, 30cm x 30cm

More than 205 technical drawings, mostly details.

Includes drawings of large dimensions (double page), with more than half a meter in length.

212 p.

Besides the architecture project, has:

Gas installations project and Hydraulics installations project (selected drawings).

In volume II :

Architecture details Part two

Stability (engineering) project, electricity project and more....


The pack House Details 4 Volume I and House Details 4 Volume II, is the most complete architecture technical magazine/book ever made about a house.


Other issues:

 (House Details N.1 has the complete architecture project, water and sewage project and stability project)

(House Details N.2 has an amazing quantity of architecture project, electricity project and stability project)


House Details 4 vol. I    ISBN 9789895406835